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SHV School






Shree Swaminarayan Academy is not only an educational institute. The organization is always ready to help the society. Among its activities, extensive work in moral and cultural fields, tribal and spiritual care, medical and educational fields, environmental and social fields, and its work in children’s development. Schools, Diagnostic Camps, Free medicines, Mobile medical van and pure Herbal medicines are all part of our activities, conducted often by our organization.

Educational Care

  • Educational Tours : To give a child education with fun, there is an educational tour is being held by the institute
  • Science Quiz : In the world of rapid competition, the science quiz are being held to develop quick decision, estimate, and logical ability.
  • A visit to a Science Fair : “There is no boundary for the knowledge” – children are taken to the science fair to increase their practical knowledge over science.
  • A visit to a Bank : To give a child knowledge about banking services like financial transactions, Cheque, etc. they are taken to a bank. a special aim to do so is to develop a habit of “Savings” in their life.
  • A visit to a Railway station : A visit to a Railway station is being held in order to inform a child about Indian railways, trains, services etc.

Cultural Care

  • Drama : Childs are trained to play a drama in order to explain their feelings to the audience.
  • Dance : If the child is given the training of different dance systematically, he/she may obviously become an expert. in our institute, children are taught dances of various languages and cultures. they are also trained for different dance competitions and they may also give a government exam and get certificate if qualifies.
  • Speech competition : The speech competitions are being held in order to get rid of the stage fear from the Childs’ mind. They will be able to express their thoughts publicly.
  • Annual Function : With the help of parents, teachers and students, the annual function is being held at the end of the year. In the function, children represents their cultural and physical abilities through different programs.

Physical Care

  • In our institute, Children are prepared not only in their study, but the total development of the child is kept in mind. To keep the child physically fit and to develop him physically, the institute has total facilities.
  • The institute provides expert teachers to teach the child different games like Skating, Karate, Basket Ball, Skate-Hokey, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Group March, Horse riding, Rifle shooting, Football, Aerobics, Yoga etc.

Social Care

  • Blood Donation Camps : The institute held the blood donation camps occasionally in order to help needy patients.
  • Forestations : “save tree, save country” – to realize the phrase, the institute also held such programs to avoid air pollution and to get other benefits to people.
  • Eye checkup camps : The eye is a vital organ in one’s life. The institute also held eye checkup camps with their own investment.

Spiritual Care

  • You can say Shree Swminarayan H. V. Vidhyalay, is an educational institute with spiritual values and physical fitness. The spirituality is a very important thing in one’s life. In our organization, the spirituality is given a special attention.
  • The spirituality helps to keep one’s mind calm and joyful. The institute always tries to enfold the spirituality in the child to make him spiritually superb.