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SHV School






Our Facilities


  • Our Library means the great collection of the Books on various fields! The
  • library holds books of knowledge, information, fun, adventurous tales, scientific discoveries and inventions, cartoon, spiritual tales, sports and the world famous authors of the world.
  • Newspapers Gujarati, Hindi, and English are also available.

Well Qualified Teachers

  • The teachers having good & high educational qualifications, educates the child with the psychological view of related subject.
  • Educated and Intelligent teachers having love, affection and motherly care, instill good virtues in a Childs along with their studies.
  • Modern Training Camps, Seminar, Group Discussions are held during Educational Service so that teachers can get the latest information, latest discoveries. and can be aware of the latest needs!

Science Laboratory

  • A well equipped laboratory with the modern scientific devices.
  • Our library means the solution to the questions like What? Why? How?
  • Children themselves can experiment the phenomena under the guidance and supervision of the teacher.


  • “Health is Wealth” – to realize this phrase and to improve child’s physical capability and their better health, the knowledge of different sports is given by the professional teachers.
  • Children are continuously encouraged and prepared for Inter-school, District, State and National level competitions.
  • Latest equipments of different sports and appropriate ground-hall for Indoor and Outdoor games.

Spiritual Care

  • You can say Shree Swaminarayan Academy, is an educational institute with spiritual values and physical fitness. The spirituality is a very important thing in one’s life. In our organization, the spirituality is given a special attention.
  • The spirituality helps to keep one’s mind calm and joyful. The institute always tries to enfold the spirituality in the child to make him spiritually superb.